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Feel like you're pushing a brick over your desk? Then remove the weight from your mouse!

This tweak:

  • works for the Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
  • works for the Logitech Mx 300
  • probably works for other mice as well
  • doesn't work for the Logitech Mx 310 (it's just heavy, live with it)
  • is very simple
  • will void your warranty
  • is meant for hard-core gamers

Step1: Prepare the patient and get the right screwdriver. (No need to unplug the mouse.)

The victim

Step2: Unscrew and carefully.remove the cover.

Patient cut open

Step3: Removing the plastic buttons reveals our problem.

Problem spotted

Step4: One more screw and the problem can be taken out.

Problem solved

Step5: Close the patient again and dispose of the weight.

The victim

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Step6: Feel how light and effortless that mouse moves now!!

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