Some information about the unofficial CRC lists

BBS : Animal pictures from (Dutch) BBS's, not scanned by HR, but posted by him.

HR17T: Looks very much like the 7TEEN-series, but has official HR-markings (text and HR-picture).

MOVIES : HR has made hundreds of AVI's, MOV's, FLI's and MPG's. I don't really collect them, so I only have a small portion. (Jpeg-sheriff can only check jpg's, so you can't use this CRC for checking.)

PR : A regular poster in ABPEH called Penny Robinson started posting all the pictures from the Seventeen web-site. After 3-4 months she (or he?) stopped posting new pictures. Now nobody knows which pictures were posted by PR and which were posted by others. A lot of duplicate file-names. (See also PRREL.)

PRREL : Besides PR, also other people started posting pictures from the Seventeen web-site. Some pictures in this CRC probably belong in the PR CRC-list and vice versa.

REST : Most of the pictures in this CRC are original HR. Some other series are probably re-edited by fans.

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